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Through the generous support of ASU parents, the Sun Devil Family Association has established a fund to make multiple awards of $4,000 ($2,000 per semester) each academic year. Awards arebased on:

  • financial need based on the FAFSA report
  • demonstrated evidence of strong commitment to academic success (minimum 3.0 GPA)
  • demonstrated record of community service and/or university involvement
  • achievement of personal and educational goals

In and out-of-state undergraduatestudents are eligible to apply.

Scholarship successes


Najat Omer's Story »
Growing up, I didn't know anyone who had applied to college. Although I was very involved in high school, I thought that attending community college was as far as I could go. It was what my family could afford. I was almost a victim of limiting myself.


Brittany Adams' Story »
I'm so pleased with my decision to attend ASU. I work with the most caring and supportive professors who really want to see me graduate. I can't say enough about them.


A Thank You from Catrina Boppart »
Everything I've been able to experience — and everything I will become — has been made possible through the generous contributions of parents, like you, to the ASU Parents Fund.


SDFA Scholars Benefitting the World »
I specifically hope to help men and women become better parents to their children. Parents have a huge impact and influence on their children's future. I want to teach that to parents and give them the tools to improve their skills.




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