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All Students - Sun Devil Family Association Scholars Information

To sign up for listed community service on the Tempe campus, use the Community Service RSVP Form at the bottom of the page or at the end of the listing. To sign up for the listed community service on the Downtown Phoenix, West and Polytechnic campuses, please contact the designated person.

NOTE: Please be kind to your fellow scholars — only sign up for the events you plan to attend! Please notify the campus coordinator as soon as you know you won't be able to volunteer at an event you signed up for. This allows the opportunity to be re-opened to other scholars, and ensures the Sun Devil Family Association will not be short on volunteers the day of the event.

Community Service Opportunities - All Scholars

Become an SDFA online ambassador!

  • When: Throughout the spring semester
  • Hours: 1, for 10+ posts
  • What: Become an active member of the SDFA online community on the SDFA Scholars and Scholar Alums Facebook group page. Just ask to become a member of the group (if you aren't already), and make 10+ meaningful posts during the course of the semester. Pace your activity; don't do it all at once! Log your own posts and email your program coordinator Robyn Siroky at once you've made your 10, knowing that we'll also be active on the page watching for your activity.
  • Where: On the SDFA Scholars and Scholar Alums Facebook group page

Community Service Opportunities - Tempe Campus   


Off Campus Student Services - Bulk Mailing

  • When: April 16, 17, and 18, any hours between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
  • Hours: Will vary
  • What: Assist Off Campus Student Services process a bulk mailing. Sign up for the day you want to help, and you can show up anytime between 8:30 and 4:30 and work as long as needed to complete the mailing. You must take your community service sheet and have it signed by OCSS on the day you help.
  • Where: Off Campus Student Services, 915 S. Rural Road (north of Cholla Residence Hall, south of the light rail tracks).
  • Attire: Please wear your Parents Association polos. You may wear jeans that are in good repair, no holes or tears. Clothing that is in disrepair and flip flops will not be permitted. Any scholar not appropriately dressed will not be able to participate.  
  • Sign up for OCSS bulk mailing»

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Community Service Opportunities - West Campus

To sign up for West Campus community service opportunities, please contact Paulita Velazquez-Fernandez at 602-543-1077 or

Community Service Opportunities - Downtown Phoenix Campus

To sign up for Downtown Phoenix Campus community service opportunities, please contact  Gabriela Jimenez,  602.496.1208.

Community Service Opportunities - Polytechnic Campus

To sign up for community service on the Polytechnic campus, please contact Bibiana Rivera at 480-727-1866, or Garret Westlake at 480-727-1039,