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I was five when my mom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Her illness influenced my
decision to go into nursing because, when we visited the hospitals for her care, the nurses
comforted us, educated us and taught us how to care for her. They were amazing.

When I graduated from high school, I applied — and was accepted — to eight universities with
strong nursing programs, including ASU. One even flew me out and picked me up in a limo.
Scholarships were the key for me to be able to attend. Most of the universities didn’t offer
a package that covered my expenses.

ASU was the exception.

The Sun Devil Family Association scholarship has allowed me to pursue a fantastic education.
It covers most of my costs and allows me to focus on my studies, which is important
considering ASU’s nursing program is so competitive. Through the volunteer requirement of
the scholarship, I’ve gotten involved in programs that make me feel that much closer to ASU.
Would you consider helping other students like me attend ASU by making a gift
to the family association today?

I’m so pleased with my decision to attend ASU. I work with the most caring and supportive
professors who really want to see me graduate. I can’t say enough about them. If I’m having
trouble in a class, I can take advantage of free tutoring. There is also a constant flow of guest
lecturers, visiting professors and field experts who provide a real-world perspective.

I’m impressed with the education I’m receiving and confident that it is preparing me to address
and overcome the challenges that health care and nursing face today.

Your donation of any size to the family association will help more students explore their
potential and give back as generously as we’ve received.

I feel so proud of my education and excited about my future. Not only will I honor my own
parents when I walk across the stage at graduation, I’ll honor those members of the Parents
Association who helped me get here.


Brittany Adams

Class of 2011

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