emergency crisis fund

emergency crisis fund

As part of our effort to keep students in school and succeeding, the SDFA provides $20,000 per year for short-term emergency funds. Administered by the dean of students on all four campuses, these resources are intended to provide relief and support to ASU students in the most dire need.

In her crisis fund application, Tiffany, an ASU senior and single mom of two wrote: “I have to drive both my daughters and myself to school every day so gas is very expensive for me. I was so broke last week I had to ask a stranger at a gas station for money just to make it home. I do not have any family or credit cards to use for backup. It is hard to ask for help, but I really need it. It is so hard in this life being a single mom and trying to work and go to school.” Tiffany’s difficulties were alleviated by the crisis fund which allowed her to proceed with her education at ASU.

Julia, a junior, wrote: “My world is shattering all around me. Everything I have been working for is looking unreachable at this point in time. College is the most important thing I have going for me right now. I will be the first one in my family to obtain a degree. This is the only way my life will be successful, but it requires me finishing college. I am absolutely terrified that I will have to quit and I don’t give up easily, but I am lacking the basic necessities to survive. I truly appreciate any help I am able to get and I will surely give my hand back to help when I am able. I just want stay at ASU and get through these hard times.” Julia could breathe a sigh of relief when crisis funds helped her stay on track.

The Emergency Crisis Fund is available to students experiencing sudden financial hardship. The funds, provided by contributions from parents, can mean the difference between staying in school and being forced to drop out.

“When students reach the point where they need crisis funds, they have exhausted many, many options, yet they still have the motivation to stay in school,” says Assistant to the Dean of Students Kaylen Cons. “We are grateful to the SDFA for the opportunity to assist students in dire circumstances.”

For more information please contact the SDFA at 480-965-7625.