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    信息發布:蒂凡思(北京)工程咨詢有限公司 發布時間:2009-9-4 瀏覽次數:

    SGI shall take part in the 5th World Water Forum, a unique water-related event, organized every three years by the World Water Council in collaboration with the host country, offering to the participants from all over the world the unique opportunity to discuss about the major water-related problems.

        This year, the Water Forum shall be held from 16th to 22nd March in Istanbul, Turkey, and shall also host the World Water Expo and the Water Fair, where SGI, as member of the Water Alliance group, will have an open stand. The Water Expo and the Water Fair will aim at bringing together key decision-makers from a large number of water authorities and companies around the world that will present the complete spectrum of cultural, social and educational activities on water-related subjects.


        Moreover, SGI Managing Director, Augusto Pretner, will take part at the Forum and present a paper “Increasing aquifer storage: Tool for regional-scale assessment of groundwater storage improvement in adaptation to climate change (TRUST)”, a LIFE project funded by the EU, during the Roundtable 3: Drying rural areas. Mr. Pretner’s intervention will consist in giving an overview of an innovative tool that aims at identification of best solutions for improvement of groundwater storage with respect to the current and expected climate change.

        此外,SGI公司總裁Augusto Pretner先生將參與此次論壇,并發表名為《提高含水層儲量:適應氣候條件變化的地下水儲量改善區域評價工具(簡稱TRUST)》的論文,在圓桌會議3(“干旱的農村地區”)期間,LIFE項目的資金由歐盟來提供。Pretner先生的提議在于給出一個創新工具的概述,旨在就目前以及預期的氣候變化而言,確定一個改善地下水儲量的最佳解決方案。
    The session will be held in the premises of the Sütlüce Congress and Cultural Center, Eski Karaa?a? Cad. Sütlüce/?stanbul.
    For more information please visit the official website of the 5th World Water Forum at:


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